Police detained a parrot that authorities say was educated to alert drug dealers to the presence of police.

Brazilian news reports spotted by The Guardian Wednesday detailed the parrot’s seizing, which went down amid the Northern Brazil raid of a home exactly where a couple was accused of promoting crack. The parrot has not been named in reports but is mentioned by regional police to have been educated by the suspects to shout about cops’ looming presence in the Vila Irmã Dulce neighborhood.

“So far [the parrot] hasn’t created a sound … totally silent,” a neighborhood reporter mentioned of the bird, who’s mentioned to be “super obedient.”

According to a separate report from The Washington Post, the phrase the parrot is alleged to have been taught to shout translates to “Mama, police!” The parrot was initially taken to the Teresina Police Division ahead of later becoming transferred to the care of an region zoo. The couple, described as a “man and teenage girl,” were arrested. The suspects’ legal rep, meanwhile, has disputed police’s allegations concerning the parrot.

Preceding incidents of similarly involved animals becoming seized for the duration of drug busts incorporate a stateside raid back in February that resulted in the discovery of an alligator referred to as El Chompo. The young gator was discovered in the kitchen of a household roughly 40 miles outdoors of Philadelphia, exactly where police executed a search warrant that ended with heroin, crack, and suspected fentanyl becoming seized.

“When we execute a drug search warrant, we never ever know what we will come across . . . On this day, it was an alligator,” Chester County DA Thomas Hogan accurately told ABC News at the time.